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Would you survive a zombie apocolipse?

2013-12-16 15:42:20 by Joe27

Send me Your loadout, supplies, location, team, and strategy. Keep the loadouut realistic, and be sure to explain everything. Explain how you will assemble your team and their personal feats. Tell your plan for acquireing hardware, and any plan B's. Say many things that you know about stopping zombies, surviving in the wilderness, etc. Say things you know about firearm, zombies, fitness, etc. List some of your personal feats. When it is all said and done, i will tell you my own plan and give you my personal judgement.


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2013-12-16 16:45:37

nukes and herbs

Joe27 responds:

Hmmm. In all seriousness where would you acquire these things?


2013-12-16 17:51:06

One thing to say: We are both bored.

(Updated ) Joe27 responds:

Well yeah, also, could you respond to the prompt? I'm interested in your view.


2013-12-16 21:35:33

Sorry, but I'm so bored that I'm bored (means I don't want to write a text xD).

Joe27 responds:

:/ Ok but could you do that later


2013-12-17 07:59:42

;I will acquire this through an individual whom sells firearms
any pistol of the USP series, Laser sight attachment
;See above
Small sword
;Acquired at my friend's house
Pocketknife/ Multi-tool
;See above
;local hardware store
Dante- Is local, and is very strong, an very smart. Understood biology comprehensively at 6'th grade. Owns a gun and swords. Has some martial arts training. Is enjoyable.
Allen- Is smart, but not that strong. Knowledge and ownership of guns. Experienced hunter.
Evan- Best friend. Shares political views. Has some knowledge on firearms and owns some.
Kevin- Very well rounded, very charismatic. Does not own guns to my knowledge.
Hannah- Is intelligent and creative. Is my girlfriend. In case we need to repopulate. (If you catch my drift) hahaha jk.
Tyler- Extensive knowledge on martial arts. Trains every day. Is very strong, and smart.
Locations: Either get to a hardware store, and then upgrade my home. (Reinforce doors, block windows, make small things. etc.
After that, go to a prison. People with training there, who know how to handle firearms, that want freedom and survival. Team up with them. The prison makes it hard to get out, so it will be hard to get in. There are many weapons there, and the inmates will probably co-operate. If this fails, either go to the backcountry, where zombies will be rarely seen, and farm and hunt and survive.
Or, go to a warehouse. They often have private security companies, and you can acquire firearms this way. There will be forklifts and trucks, and sometimes cranes. Arrange the boxes so that they can block the doors, and that you will probably be set to survive for months, even years. The boxes sometimes have food, open some up with a crowbar. Also, arrange boxes such that there are multiple levels.
I am a boy scout, I know all about surviving etc. I shot a gun before, that's it. A .22 rifle, and an 18 gauge shotgun. To stay fit, running, kettle bell exercises and stretching are a good combination. To kill a zombie, severely damage the brain. To stop a zombie, sever its head or shoot it in the spine. Or beat it down. I am somewhat physically fit, I'm no athlete, but I've had my fair share of epic win in the gym (if ya know what I'm sayin, and no that's not an innuendo.), and I basically have what it takes to survive any zombie apocalypse.