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2014-03-08 18:42:25 by Joe27

The worst things are happening.

I need to sit down.



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2014-03-08 20:26:03

whats going on man?


2014-03-08 22:16:57

Dude, just tell us what's wrong. I saw all your posts and I don't like seeing someone suffer.

Joe27 responds:

Women are complex creatures.
That is why.
They demean me.
Other men use them as a Chanel to humiliate me sometimes.
Or to make me feel like something is bullshit.
Absolute bullshit.
Total bullshit.
They Kill me.
I'm going back in time.
I'm going to marry a Roman girl.
I will die in an Italian town.
I will happily sit and watch
As future generations are thrust into debt, and famine, and plague.
Good thing I speak Latin.
Moderately, at least.